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Disaster Recovery: Insuring Successful Business Continuance

In the broadest sense, disaster recovery is a set of procedures related to preparing for the recovery of critical technological infrastructure of an organization, specifically after a natural or human-induced disaster–a subset of business continuity. While business continuity involves planning for keeping all aspects of a business functioning in the midst of disruptive events, disaster recovery focuses on the IT or technology systems that support business functions.

Natural disasters can have catastrophic consequences for any community, let alone a single business. Technology-based businesses however, have unique infrastructural concerns. For example, in the retail industry, goods can be replaced by insurance. But in while insurance can back up the hardware of technology-based companies, it cannot back up your invaluable data. Disaster recovery then, functions as a type of insurance suited for the particular needs of data-intensive organizations or companies.

When choosing a company for data storage, it is imperative that one chooses a company that offers exceptional security, as well as a location that is safe. Optic Fusion has two locations in the Puget Sound area, which according to The New York Times, is one of the safest locations in the United States from natural disasters.

Furthermore, our dual data center design ensures that your data is protected by real-time data replication, meaning that your data is stored in two locations for ultimate security. By storing your data with Optic Fusion we insure that your data is protected which allows you to focus on other restoration efforts for your business in the event of a disaster.