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Meet the staff: Systems Admin Andrew Klettke

Andrew Klettke has been a Systems Administrator with Optic Fusion for over 5 years. He first began developing software in junior high on a TI-83+ calculator, writing games and apps in TI-BASIC. He has always been drawn to the creative aspects of programming, “I love starting with absolutely nothing and…building software that accomplishes something useful or fun.” Because programming is a hobby for Andrew, he says that his workdays at Optic Fusion hardly feel like work.

Additionally Andrew enjoys the unique daily challenges of working at Optic Fusion, “I never have the same day twice….there are always different challenges.” This is in large part due to the speed at which technology evolves, which requires perpetual adaptation to change. Andrew takes it upon himself to continually educate himself in programming languages for personal projects, as well as to improve the usability and performance of existing systems at Optic Fusion. In many cases he has even written entirely new software for internal use at Optic Fusion.
In his free time Andrew enjoys playing video games, snowboarding, and is a musician with an admittedly “modest home studio.” Having been born in the Puget Sound area, he is both a Mariners and Seahawks fan.