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Staffed Data Centers: Don’t Get Left in the Dark

Proponents of dark data centers argue that the “human element”—the mere presence of humans in a data center—is an inherent problem in manned data centers. They argue that unstaffed data centers are less susceptible to failures by eliminating the “human element.” Perhaps there is some merit to this argument: the more individuals that tamper with a data center’s equipment, the more variables for problems that arise. It is a simple argument of probability.

The “human element” is an inherent facet of any data center, manned or dark. Any time a data center needs to perform maintenance on its hardware, it will require that human technician access the data center. Thus even these so-called “dark centers” are not devoid of the human element.

Furthermore perpetual “tampering” is not always the case with manned data centers. Our Perkins Building facility is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is keycard secured, and only our staff has access to the hardware. Despite 24-hour staffing, our staff only accesses the hardware when it is necessary. In other words, our equipment is not perpetually being “tampered with” by a revolving cast of random individuals.

Furthermore, our “human element” improves how efficiently we can resolve issues with a customer’s hardware: our technicians are seated within feet of our customer’s hardware, thereby insuring expedient service to our clients. This means when our clients call to check on their hardware, the technician who answers the phone and the technician who physically checks on the client’s equipment are one in the same, thus allowing us to offer our clients instantaneous support when they need it. Such support is imperative for clients with high traffic websites, or who require mission critical support.

Our round-the-clock staffed data center guarantees that any network problems can be addressed immediately–something that dark data centers simply cannot offer.