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Meet our staff: NOC Technician Neil Sayers

Neil Sayers joined Optic Fusion shortly after its inception, starting in 2002. Despite attending DeVry for Electronic Engineering, Neil found computers to be a better fit. He later completed the Cisco Academy offering at Clover Park Technical College with high marks before being recruited by fellow Optic Fusion employee Nick Logan, and has been a Lead Network Operations Center Technician with us since.

Neil enjoys that everyday is a bit different at Optic Fusion. He thrives amongst the unique daily challenges, and views each hurdle as an opportunity to learn something new. Neil also also values the importance of strong customer service skills, a skill that he values as a priority in his position at Optic Fusion. Despite that he enjoys working with computers, he generally stays away from tinkering with computers at home. Instead, he is in the process of restoring a classic truck. He also enjoys billiards, biking, snowboarding, and brewing his own beer. His mantra for work? “There is always a way to get it done,” Neil believes, illustrating his optimistic and diligent disposition.