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Our Secure, Green Data Center: Courtesy of Tacoma Power!

When choosing a company for colocation, it is imperative that one not only chooses a company that offers exceptional security and service, but also a company that is also favorably located to serve its clients. Optic Fusion has two locations in the Puget Sound area, which as we have said before, is one of the safest regions in the United States from natural disasters. Furthermore the Tacoma-metro area is served by Tacoma Power, which JD Power and Associates ranked as the second-best midsized utility company on the west coast for customer satisfaction. Tacoma then, not only boasts an exceptionally efficient power grid, but also is also significantly safer from natural disasters than most other regions of the United States.

However, security is not the only consideration for most modern companies: responsible organizations also strive to be conscious world citizens. In general Tacoma Power derives almost 90% of its power from hydropower, a renewable energy source that does not rely upon burning coal or natural gas, and thus is significantly better for the environment. As an environmentally conscious company we have taken our commitment to conservation a step further by opting in to Tacoma Power’s Green Power program, which means that 100% of Optic Fusion’s energy consumption comes from renewable resources, including hydropower, solar power, and wind power. For our clients, this means that not only do they get the security of Optic Fusion’s 24/7 staffed Network Operations Center, our 100% uptime guarantee, and the stability of the Tacoma power grid, but they are also helping to preserve our environment.